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The International Association of Cigar Clubs was founded in 2007 in answer to all the stringent anti-smoking legislation currently being implemented across the country. 

IACC’s purpose is to assist individuals, who's smoking rights have been trampled on, and are looking to join a local cigar club, assist other individuals or groups with their new cigar club ventures, and assist already formed cigar clubs with their expansion programs

Furthermore, IACC acts as a centralized clearing house for establishing a national (soon to be international) reciprocal access program allowing members from one IACC member cigar club access to all other IACC member cigar clubs.  This creates sanctuaries where cigar smokers, while traveling, will be welcomed and where they can relax while enjoying their favorite cigar without fear of reprisals. 

IACC’s two principles, Dan Mc Carthy and Bob Lesnick, have a long history, dating back to 1994, in establishing successful cigar clubs.  They are responsible for the formation, design, construction, and the operational and financial structure of The Metropolitan Society, the largest and most successful cigar club in the country. 

Whatever your cigar club interest,  you’ll find a wealth of information on this site.

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